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2020 Candidates Results

2020 Candidates

The following candidates ran write-in campaigns:

  • Howie Hawkins – President of the United States (write-in) (RESULTS)
  • Randy Paul – County Commissioner, District 2 (Monroe County) (write-in) (RESULTS)

The additional 4 candidates below were all planning to run pending a lawsuit against the state. They did not want to be write-in candidates, and there was basically no way to petition for ballot access when the state was in mandatory lock-down due to COVID-19. No additional relief was provided to 3rd party or independent candidates even though we regularly reached out to our government officials. If the lawsuit granted these candidates a spot on the ballot, they would have run:

  • Dr. George Wolfe – Governor of Indiana
  • Ethan Malone – Indiana House of Representatives, District 69 (South-East Indiana)
  • David Wetterer – Indiana House of Representatives, District 89 (South-East Indianapolis)
  • Mike Smith – Indiana House of Representatives, District 97 (South-West Indianapolis)

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