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Indiana Congress 2023

Indiana Green Party 2023 Annual Congress

The annual Indiana Green Party Congress is a gathering of environmental and justice advocates to conduct our state party business, engage in platform development and participate in presentations. As we continue in our inclusive commitment our meeting will be once again be held vitally where you can connect through your computer or smart phone or for those with landlines there is an conference call number. The Indiana Green Party is excited about our work since last years Congress and we will be sharing with you what we have been doing as well as strategically plan for the 2023-2024.

Joseph Naham

For our Indiana Green Party Congress, we will be joined by a special guest speaker Joseph Naham, co-chair Green Party US Steering Committee. As part of the core team that is our national Green movement, Joseph works to build the Party.  He has also served as a volunteer organizer, a campaign manager, member of many social, environmental, and progressive boards. He ran as a Green candidate for public office on four occasions.

Joseph also serves as the chairperson of the Nassau County NY Green Party. He is passionate about environmental protection, social justice, and peace. As National CoChair, he says his focus has been building a healthier, more just, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Joseph will be speaking about the need for educating local communities about the importance of third parties in local elections, the work we do towards environmental justice and the importance of protecting our planetfor future generations. 

Congress Agenda

Tentative agenda, subject to change

  • Welcome to the 2023 Indiana Green Party Congress – Pluto
  • Introduction of Speaker – James
  • First Speaker – Joseph Naham, GPUS Steering Committee
  • Supporting the Indiana Green Party – Sarah
  • Opening of the Business Meeting – Pluto
  • Establishment of Delegates and Quorum – James
  • Reports from State Officers and Committees
  • Reports from Locals and Caucuses
  • Nominees for INGP offices and National Delegates
  • Bylaw Amendment Proposals
  • Review of the voting procedures – Michael
  • Opening of Voting
  • Report on the Ballot Access Lawsuit
  • Indiana Greens on the November Ballot
  • Other Business
  • Memorial words for Skywolf – Amanda
  • Closing Remarks From the Chair
  • Meeting Adjournment


There are several state party positions that will be up for election at our Congress. The elections are for 1 year terms and serve as the guiding administrative and organizing team for your Indiana Green Party action the coming year. Below is a brief synopsis of the positions, please review the bylaws from a full description of responsibilities. To nominate yourself or someone for a position, please complete the form by clicking the Submit a Nomination button below.

Positions up for election

  • Chairperson – The primary spokesperson for the Indiana Green Party, responsible for directing the development, growth and administration of the Party. The Chair manages the monthly Coordinating Committee meeting, the executive committee and the annual member Congress.
  • Co-Chair – Assists with the duties of the chair inclusive of filling in for the chair when not able to lead Coordinating Committee meetings or Congress.
  • Treasurer – Serving as the keeper of the cash assets of the party, the treasurer makes and records deposits, manages the expense of the party, and files by the due date all financial reports as required to the Indiana Elections Commission Campaign Finance Division. It is recommended that persons considering this position read the Indiana Campaign Finance Manual before accepting a nomination, the pdf can be found at this link: Indiana Campaign Finance Manual
  • Communications Director – Manages the general social media, website and newsletter image of the Indiana Green Party. They will also handle various media contacts, press releases and other communications tasks.
  • Documentarian – As the designated recording secretary of the Indiana Green Party, the Documentarian will manage our membership list, record the minutes of our monthly Coordinating Committee meeting, and record the minutes of our Annual Congress. They will also maintain key documents of the party and our historical record.
  • Green Party US National Delegate (2 positions plus 1 alternate) – Being a recognized state party of the Green Party US we have two voting positions to the National Convention. They delegates will also engage in national party meetings, platform development and voting throughout the year. In addition to the 2 voting delegate positions, the Indiana Green Party has the ability to designated an Alternate National Delegate. The position of Alternate National Delegate will be awarded to the next candidate, if any, that crosses the 50% threshold in the continuation of the ranked choice voting process for the National Delegate.

Register for Congress

The 2023 Indiana Green Party Congress will be held virtually in order to include more people across the state. The ZOOM link will be sent out to those who register for the event. To receive the link please complete the simple registration form below.


Everyone is invited to join us for our Congress, however, in order to vote in elections and in regards to various motions you have be a member of the Indiana Green Party. Becoming a member of this important movement is quick, easy and inexpensive. To see our membership options and to join us through your membership, check out our membership page.

Bylaw Proposals

Members of the Party may propose amendments to the bylaws of the Indiana Green Party. Proposed amendments should be submitted in writing by clicking the button to access the submission form. Proposed amendments must be received by 45 days (June 9, 2023) before the Congress for proper distribution and discussion. For more information about the process refer to our bylaws.

Voting Procedures

The proposed voting procedures for our virtual congress are as follows. These procedures may be revised before congress as we dive more into the logistics of online, ranked choice voting.

1. Voting will be done online using Opavote or similar platform.
2. Ballot links will be sent to all members of the Indiana Green Party.
3. Membership status shall be established at the opening bell of Congress. 
4. During Congress voting members will be emailed their voting link, the ballot shall be active once the voting is opened at Congress.
5. Voting shall be open until July 27th at the start of the statewide ZOOM meeting.
6. Results will be announced at the July 27th statewide ZOOM meeting.

Nominations Received

Party Chair

Assistant Party Chair



James Mahoney

I consider myself a generally orderly person, and have been acting Documentarian for a few months since the resignation of Ken Saylor. I have fulfilled the requirements of submitting minutes for the CC meetings and updating the members list, making sure it stays up to date and the phone numbers standardized, and have instituted plans to contact members whose memberships will expire, letting them know beforehand so they can renew them in a timely fashion.

Communications Director

Rev. Michael Cooper

Rev. Michael Cooper

I was elected as the Indiana Green Party Communications Director last year and would like to continue to develop and mature our messaging as Indiana Greens. This year saw the beginning of our re-imaging the party with website changes, the addition of The Firefly Newsletter, and general fixing up of things broken in the transition. I have served with Greens in local groups, on our state party executive committee as well as ran as (and currently running as) as a Green candidate for my city.

National Party Delegate

James Mahoney

As for the National Delegate position, I have been one of the elected delegates for the last year. I have missed just a single vote in my time as delegate, and have taken part in the conversations of contentious issues involving foreign policy, peace, and our place within the international Green movement which grow ever more important with the arrival of 2024.

Sarah Dillon

Sarah Dillon

Here’s hoping everything is going well with my fellow Greens. Am running for re-election for one of 3 spots as Green Party of the United State National Committee delegate and/or alternate for the Indiana Green Party, where I’ve recently been serving since 2019.

A little bit about myself. My name is Sarah Dillon. I reside in Terre Haute, IN. Was born in East Chicago, IN in 1974; and lived over the years in Whiting, IN and Waterville, OH before permanently moving to Terre Haute in 1981. I graduated from Terre Haute South Vigo High School in 1993 and from Indiana State University in 1998 [with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science]. Further details about me can be found at https://dillon2thcc.wordpress.com/about/ 

I’ve been a long time Green Party member [voted for Ralph Nader in 2000; officially became a Green in 2005].

Stuff that I’ve recently done on the National Committee include:
Was the Indiana reporter at the 2020 GPUS Presidential Convention
Worked closely with the Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker campaign members in 2020, especially in cases of ballot access;
Am on GPUS’ Fundraising Committee [FunCom], and – as the lead fundraiser in Indiana – raising money for INGP’s lawsuit;
Of course, deal with controversial items in front of the NC, including the revising of the national party’s platform [to include language declaring so called “gender critical beliefs” are NOT Green]; and
Worked as a liaison between the Indiana Green Party and various leaders Green Party of the United States.
Finally, have worked with a diverse group of people that we may occasionally disagree with, but are working to make towards making the Green Party successful in the long term.

If I was re-elected, some of the things I would work on:
Willing to help revise their strategic plan [that hasn’t been updated since 2013!!], for various reasons
Still work with Fundraising and other committees on helping to get assistance for the Secretary of State’s candidacy, other opportunities, and – similar to what the INGP FunCom has done – work on a fundraising strategic plan.

I hope you would consider me a valuable choice. I wish all my opponents well at Saturday’s Congress. A few details:
Registration, bylaws revisions, and officers up for election at the Congress = https://greenpartyin.com/2022-elections-nominations/ 
Anyone can attend, but only INGP members can participate and vote. To register = https://greenpartyin.com/2022-ingp-annual-congress/#page-content 
Or if you want to donate to our party = https://www.greenpartyin.com/donate-1.html

Bylaw Proposals

Proposed Bylaw Amendment Number 1

Bylaw Reference: Article VII Section 2 B4

Current Wording: Upon approval by the CC, a recognized local or regional caucus has 12 months to meet the requirements to affiliate as a local or regional chapter or dissolve.  
Proposed Wording: The Coordinating Committee will assist recognized local or regional caucus to meet the requirement to affiliate as a local or regional chapter in a timely manner.

Reasoning provided by the petitioner: The growth of the Indiana Green Party and the encouragement of activist membership is a mandated priority for the success of the Indiana Green Party. The Coordinating Committee will assist recognized local or regional caucus to meet the requirement to affiliate as a local or regional chapter in a timely manner. The Coordinating Committee will make themselves available to help develop and grow local or regional caucuses at the request of the said caucuses. No recognized local or regional caucus should struggle for growth, membership, and activities on its own. The Indiana Green Party members and Coordinating Committee should try to aid any recognized local or regional caucus to the best of their abilities at the request for help from said caucus. There will be no penalties or limitations associated with requests for help or the receiving of help. “Article VII, Section 2, B4 currently responds in an unjustifiably severe manner to a volunteer’s efforts to advance and strengthen the Indiana Green Party. Article VII, Section 2, B4 currently acts as a blockage towards growth and discourages initiatives in founding local or regional caucuses. The main mandate for any political party is to grow its membership and become stronger. The Indiana Green Party as a whole gains from a caucus’ development and strength. The responsibility of starting a caucus shouldn’t fall completely on its founders, nor should mistakes or failed efforts be met with harsh punishment. Instead of creating obstacles and enforcing sanctions against the founders’ and volunteers’ efforts, Indiana Green Party officers and members ought to step up and help in the establishment, expansion, and support of local and regional caucuses. This punitive behavior is not in step with Green Party values and works against efforts to affiliate local or regional caucuses. Instead of utilizing threats to dissolve these caucuses, and/or ignoring or reprimanding individuals who stand forward as leaders and volunteers, we need to support, encourage, and guide those who do step up as volunteers. The Indiana Green Party’s Officers and members should take an active role in fostering the party’s expansion and development into a stronger political force in Indiana. The times I have asked for help for my local chapter in my area I have been met with admonishment instead of aid. The Indiana Green Party needs to promote a culture of support, cooperation, encouragement, and goodwill. Local and regional caucuses are not teams in competition with each other they are the structures that build and hold up the Indiana Green Party. Please replace Article VII Section 2 B4 of the Indiana Green Party’s Bylaws with this new paragraph created to be supportive of volunteers in their efforts to grow and develop local and regional caucuses of the Indiana Green Party.

Submitted by Pluto Brand

Proposed Bylaw Amendment Number 2


Current Wording: Requests to form a local or regional caucus must be sent to the Documentarian of the INGP at the Party’s post office box.

Proposed Wording: Requests to form a local or regional caucus must be sent to the Documentarian of the INGP via email.

Reasoning provided by the petitioner: Indiana Green Party is not currently maintaining a P.O. Box, email is also a faster, more popular, and environmentally safer way to communicate since the original bylaws were created. Email is currently a standard in communications worldwide.

Submitted by Pluto Brand

Proposed Bylaw Amendment Number 3

Bylaw Reference: This is a two part change to the bylaws that would go hand in hand with each other the first is ARTICLE IV—LEADERSHIP SECTION 1. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS AND GENERAL PRINCIPLES C the second is Article V Meeting Section2. Congress A

Current Wording: The first original wording is

Terms for executive officers shall last from the day of the INGP annual Congress at which they are elected to the next annual INGP Congress. No person may serve in one officer position for more than five consecutive years

The second original wording is

The INGP Congress shall meet at least annually. INGP Congress meetings may be held through conference calls, live web conferencing, or in person.

Proposed Wording: The first revised wording is

Terms for executive officers shall last from the day of the INGP annual Congress at which they are elected to the next INGP Congress in two years. No person may serve in one officer position for more than five consecutive years

The second revised wording is

The INGP Congress shall meet every two years. INGP Congress meetings may be held via conference call, live web conferencing, or in-person meetings.

Reasoning provided by the petitioner: Having experienced being in the executive office many times within the Indiana Green Party, I’ve come to understand it takes almost half or more of the year for a board to learn and adjust to their roles, each other’s working habits, and positions. By the time the officers are up to speed with their jobs, each other, and collectively create goals, it’s time to plan another congress and hold another election. The current term of office leaves no time to develop plans and put them into action. For the Coordinating Committee to be more effective, put plans and goals into action, and properly grow and guide the Indiana Green Party, the terms of office should be longer. 

Also putting together annual congress events takes a large amount of energy, work hours, and resources away from the actual administration, functions, and growth of the Indiana Green Party. The Congress involves event planning, plus it also includes examining and updating bylaws, and nominations for office. This is intense work that pulls volunteers away from other vitally important work for the Party. Every two years is a more reasonable amount of time to hold a congress and all the work and volunteer hours that it involves. 

Submitted by Pluto Brand

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