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Indiana Congress 2023

Indiana Green Party 2023 Annual Congress

The annual Indiana Green Party Congress is a gathering of environmental and justice advocates to conduct our state party business, engage in platform development and participate in presentations. As we continue in our inclusive commitment our meeting will be once again be held vitally where you can connect through your computer or smart phone or for those with landlines there is an conference call number. The Indiana Green Party is excited about our work since last years Congress and we will be sharing with you what we have been doing as well as strategically plan for the 2023-2024.

Congress Agenda

More details will be coming soon!


There are several state party positions that will be up for election at our Congress. The elections are for 1 year terms and serve as the guiding administrative and organizing team for your Indiana Green Party action the coming year. Below is a brief synopsis of the positions, please review the bylaws from a full description of responsibilities. To nominate yourself or someone for a position, please complete the form by clicking the Submit a Nomination button below.

Positions up for election

  • Chairperson – The primary spokesperson for the Indiana Green Party, responsible for directing the development, growth and administration of the Party. The Chair manages the monthly Coordinating Committee meeting, the executive committee and the annual member Congress.
  • Co-Chair – Assists with the duties of the chair inclusive of filling in for the chair when not able to lead Coordinating Committee meetings or Congress.
  • Treasurer – Serving as the keeper of the cash assets of the party, the treasurer makes and records deposits, manages the expense of the party, and files by the due date all financial reports as required to the Indiana Elections Commission Campaign Finance Division. It is recommended that persons considering this position read the Indiana Campaign Finance Manual before accepting a nomination, the pdf can be found at this link: Indiana Campaign Finance Manual
  • Communications Director – Manages the general social media, website and newsletter image of the Indiana Green Party. They will also handle various media contacts, press releases and other communications tasks.
  • Documentarian – As the designated recording secretary of the Indiana Green Party, the Documentarian will manage our membership list, record the minutes of our monthly Coordinating Committee meeting, and record the minutes of our Annual Congress. They will also maintain key documents of the party and our historical record.
  • Green Party US National Delegate (2 positions plus 1 alternate) – Being a recognized state party of the Green Party US we have two voting positions to the National Convention. They delegates will also engage in national party meetings, platform development and voting throughout the year. In addition to the 2 voting delegate positions, the Indiana Green Party has the ability to designated an Alternate National Delegate. The position of Alternate National Delegate will be awarded to the next candidate, if any, that crosses the 50% threshold in the continuation of the ranked choice voting process for the National Delegate.

Register for Congress

The 2023 Indiana Green Party Congress will be held virtually in order to include more people across the state. The ZOOM link will be sent out to those who register for the event. To receive the link please complete the simple registration form below.


Everyone is invited to join us for our Congress, however, in order to vote in elections and in regards to various motions you have be a member of the Indiana Green Party. Becoming a member of this important movement is quick, easy and inexpensive. To see our membership options and to join us through your membership, check out our membership page.

Bylaw Proposals

Members of the Party may propose amendments to the bylaws of the Indiana Green Party. Proposed amendments should be submitted in writing by clicking the button to access the submission form. Proposed amendments must be received by 45 days (June 9, 2023) before the Congress for proper distribution and discussion. For more information about the process refer to our bylaws.

Presenters and Workshops

Stay tuned for more exciting information

Nominations Received

Party Chair

Assistant Party Chair



James Mahoney

I consider myself a generally orderly person, and have been acting Documentarian for a few months since the resignation of Ken Saylor. I have fulfilled the requirements of submitting minutes for the CC meetings and updating the members list, making sure it stays up to date and the phone numbers standardized, and have instituted plans to contact members whose memberships will expire, letting them know beforehand so they can renew them in a timely fashion.

Communications Director

Rev. Michael Cooper

Rev. Michael Cooper

I was elected as the Indiana Green Party Communications Director last year and would like to continue to develop and mature our messaging as Indiana Greens. This year saw the beginning of our re-imaging the party with website changes, the addition of The Firefly Newsletter, and general fixing up of things broken in the transition. I have served with Greens in local groups, on our state party executive committee as well as ran as (and currently running as) as a Green candidate for my city.

National Party Delegate

James Mahoney

As for the National Delegate position, I have been one of the elected delegates for the last year. I have not missed a single vote in my time as delegate, and have taken part in the conversations of contentious issues involving foreign policy, peace, and our place with the international Green movement.

Bylaw Proposals

None submitted at this time

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