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Getting our 2024 Green Party Presidential Candidates on the Indiana Ballot

The Indiana Green Party does not have ballot access in Indiana due to the enormous requirements imposed on Hoosiers who want to represent your values. In order for a Green Party Presidential candidate to get on the Indiana General election ballot each campaign will need to complete an extensive nominations-by-signature drive. This means obtaining just under 37,000 valid signatures of current registered voters on paper forms (Indiana does not allow digital petitioning). Those forms are county specific as they are first turned into their respective county elections board for validation, then the campaigns will need to have those picked up from each county and turned into the Indiana Elections Division by the first week in July 2024.

Disclaimers: The information provided below is for information purposes only and for ease of our individual Green Hoosiers to access information and forms. This does not imply any endorsement of any one candidate by the Indiana Green Party. If a candidate would like to add their forms and contacts to this page, please contact the Indiana Green Party. If a candidate successfully completes the Indiana nominations-by-signature process by July 2024 they are on the Indiana ballot regardless of it they receive the Green Party US nomination sometime in the summer of 2024. It would be at the discretion of the candidate(s) achieving ballot access to complete a nominee replacement process as outlined in Indiana law if they want to have the candidate selected at the Green Party US Nominating Convention listed on the Indiana ballot instead of them. The Indiana Green Party or the Green Party US has no legal authority to change the name of nominee. This Indiana nominations-by-signature process to get a name listed on the ballot is completely independent of our Green Party US presidential nomination process. Forms can not be shared among candidates (meaning generic forms that just say any Green Party nominee) and forms gathered for one campaign can not be used to aide another candidate in obtaining the required number to get on the ballot (they only count towards the candidate who is listed on the form). An individual voter can sign as many different campaign’s forms as they desire (well once for each campaign). 

General Guide to Indiana’s Nominations by Signature Process

Please take a moment to watch this video about the nominations by signature process in Indiana. It is imperative that each individual sheet be completed correctly or the sheet my be rejected by the county or state elections board.

  • The nominations forms must be printed double sided. The front page is the nominations signatures and the back page is for the elections division to complete.
  • Write the county name at the top of the form. Since the sheets are turned into each county, you will need to have the person sign the one for their county. You should carry extra forms because there’s always a few out of county visitors.  Even if it is just one signature we can get it to the coordinator in that county to be turned in and counted.
  • Do not forge or copy any voter signature or information (or have your friends do it). As the legendary actor Jeremy Irons said in Margin Call “There are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat. And I don’t cheat.”
  • Accurately complete the petition gather’s information (that’s you) at the bottom of each form and sign it. Any errors or misspellings in your information can get that entire sheet disqualified. The date at the bottom is the date you signed the form, it doesn’t necessarily mean the date the signatures were collected. Just be sure to put a date!
  • It is not your responsibility to validate any signature. The staff at the county board of elections are paid with your tax dollars to do that. If a signature is not valid they will mark it out. You do not have to quiz people on their voting eligibility, just nicely ask them to sign. Of course if they say they are not a registered voter, as a good Green offer to help them register (if they register before the signature sheets are turned in it counts!)
  • If you assist anyone in completing their information, just document that act on the back of the nominations sheet.
  • From experience some people do not want to put their date of birth because of identity theft concerns.  We understand and have those same concerns, so please don’t force them. Just say this is the official state form that we have to use (with a deep sigh over the archaic nature of the Indiana process). It is one of the pieces of information the county elections department uses to try to match with the voter file to validate the signature. Also from our experience if the first person doesn’t put their date of birth then that carries down the sheet. If you notice that is happening you might want to just close out that sheet and start fresh. Also, if a county board appears to be biased in their validation of the signatures it would be an issue that campaign can take up with the Indiana Elections Commission and their lawyers. The goal is to give the campaign more than enough signatures that would overwhelm the process beyond the point of where any challenge by the establishment parties would no able to remove the candidate from the ballot.

Contact us if you have any questions about any part of this process.

Specific Campaign Forms

Jill Stein 2024

Jill Stein

Website: jillstein2024.com
The Jill Stein campaign is organizing in Indiana. Please connect with the campaign through the website to get involved, volunteer or collect signatures to get Jill Stein on your ballot in 2024.

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