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Apply for Group Recognition


Local chapters need to meet the requirements set out in Article VI, Section 1 of the INGP’s bylaws. If your group meets the requirements, it shall apply in writing to the INGP’s Coordinating Committee for affiliation and shall elect a delegate to the Coordinating Committee and Congress.

Written requests are accepted in electronic or paper form. Mail written requests to: The Indiana Green Party, PO Box 47872, Indianapolis, IN 46247. 

If your group intends on becoming a local chapter but does not meet the requirements, you may form as a caucus.

If you are looking for some guidance in forming a local group, you can contact us any time. National also provides some good documentation on how to properly and successfully organize.


Three or more INGP members may request to form a local or regional caucus and elect a delegate to the Coordinating Committee and Congress. A local caucus has twelve months to meet the requirements to affiliate as a local chapter or dissolve.

Requests to form a local caucus may be completed using the form below, or you can mail a written request to: the Indiana Green Party, PO Box 47872, Indianapolis, IN 46247.

Caucuses in the Green Party

The word “caucus” can have a number of different meanings in a political context. In the Green Party, caucuses function as Identity Caucuses: a grouping of Greens, not explicitly ideological in nature, that has historically failed to attain adequate access to power in society at-large and/or within the Green movement. Currently, the national party includes Black, Latinx, Lavender, Women’s & Youth Caucuses.

Caucuses help bring greater diversity to the Green Party, and help ensure that the Green Party is hearing from historically under-represented people and taking up their concerns and needs. They allow people who identify as Black, LGBT, women, youth, or Latino as well as Green to come together in their own space within the party. 

Members of the INGP are encouraged to form caucuses throughout the state.

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