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Your Indiana Green Party Coordinating Committee

While a recognized minor political party in the state of Indiana, the Indiana Green Party is at it’s core a co-federation of grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters, and progressive Hoosiers who’ve had enough of corporate-dominated politics.

The Coordinating Committee is the core group of elected officers, local representatives and caucus representatives that oversee the administration of the Indiana Green Party. At our annual Congress gathering our party chair, vice-chair, treasurer and clerk positions are elected and those positions and practices are outlined in our bylaws. Each of our recognized local Green organizations select, according to their guiding processes, a representative to serve as a voting member of Coordinating Committee. Equally our caucuses provide a means for key affinity or purpose organized groups to enter into our co-federation with a vote on our Coordinating Committee. We also have a number of working groups that work in conjunction with the Coordinating Committee and other active members.

The Indiana Green Party has struggled in its envisioning of its leadership model as the language used and requirements established in Indiana Elections Code is not consistent will our inclusive, co-leadership intentions. We are continuing to improve and refine our structure as we seek to grow our movement.

Positions Elected by Our Annual Congress

Indiana Green Party Chair

Pluto Brand (Fort Wayne, IN)

Indiana Green Party Vice-Chair


Indiana Green Party Documentarian

James Mahoney (Columbia City, IN)

Rev. Michael Cooper

Indiana Green Party Treasurer

Rev. Michael Cooper (Portage, IN)

Indiana Green Party Communications Director

Rev. Michael Cooper (Portage, IN)

Sarah Dillon

Indiana Green Party National Delegate to The Green Party US

Sarah Dillon (Terre Haute, IN)

Indiana Green Party National Delegate to The Green Party US

James Mahoney (Columbia City, IN)

Indiana Green Party Alternate Delegate to The Green Party US


Delegates Appointed by their Local Green Parties

Circle City Greens Delegate

Mike Smith (Indianapolis, IN)

Northwest Indiana Green Party Delegate

Owen Todd (Valparaiso, IN)

Delegates Appointed by Affiliated Caucuses

Indiana Lavender Greens


Cannabis Caucus

Vacant. RIP Skywolf.

Eco-Action Caucus


Disability Caucus


Positions Appointed by the Coordinating Committee

Volunteer Coordinator


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