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Bylaws Proposals Up For Vote


Removal of Vice-Chair and change to two chairpersons to share duties clearly, see link for in depth breakdown of bylaws changes proposed.


2. Gives CC role of regularly checking caucus’s/local’s affiliation on yearly basis.

Addition of New sub-section under

H: Given the intent of the INGP to be a federation of active and viable locals and
caucus and the importance to the integrity the decision-making process within the
INGP’s CC, the INGP believes that all affiliated organizations shall regularly
demonstrate positive outcomes within our Green movement in Indiana. Recognizing
that when an affiliated organization has dwindled in numbers while still maintaining
an equal voting position on the CC can cause a skewed and unbalanced process for
consensus, the INGP establish the following conditions on voting in the CC:
1) Locals and Caucus shall demonstrate that they are active and viable for their
appointed representative to the CC to have a vote
a) active shall be defined within the context of any of the following:
i) regularly meeting
ii) current or recent presence within their respective community to engage and
b) Viable sell be defined within the context of the any of the following
i) larger than one or few people place-holding positions
ii) working within the values and framework provided in the groups application
for affiliation
iii) demonstrating recent positive outcomes
2) The CC shall review all affiliated locals and caucus on a yearly basis or when
requested by an approved motion.
3) If the CC determines that a local or caucus no longer meets the active and viable
a) the appointed representative from the local or caucus shall be moved to “voice
no vote” status in the CC
b) the CC shall provide a framework for the local or caucus outlining a process for
their return to voting privileges within the CC.

3. Outlining role/duty of executive committee

Inserting Section 6 would appropriately revise each section following:

This section is completely new.




  1. The Executive Committee is made up of each Executive officer of the INGP (Chair, Assistant Chair, Treasurer, Documentarian, and Communications Director).
  2. The Executive Committee is only formed when an emergency comes along and a decision needs to be made before a CC meeting can be held.
  3. Decisions are made via simple majority vote.
  4. Appeals processes are heard in accordance with these bylaws.


4. Describing role of National Committee Delegates

Inserting Section 7 would appropriately revise each section following:

This section is completely new. Description pulled from GPUS bylaws.




  1. These delegates help to form The National Committee of the Green Party of the United States.
  2. The National Committee shall be the final decision-making body of the Green Party of the United States.
  3. The National Committee shall approve a democratic deliberative Platform process that encourages and facilitates discussion and debate among Greens at all levels, leading to voting in each even numbered year to consider amendments to revise the Platform.
  4. The presidential nominating convention of the Green Party is the delegated decision-making body responsible for nominating the national Green Party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates and approving the Green Party’s national platform in those years in which it convenes”
  5. Meeting of the National Committee and the nominating convention may be attended by Greens who are not voting representatives or delegates.
  6. A delegate to the National Committee may cast an additional vote at a National Conference in place of an absent delegate, as long as the total number of votes cast for that state does not exceed its total allowed votes on the National Committee, or twice the number of voting delegates in attendance.
  7. The apportionment to the various state parties and caucuses of delegates to the National Committee shall be determined by rules established by the National Committee and incorporated into a Rules document separate from these Bylaws.

5. Describing role of Alternate National Committee Delegates

Inserting Section 7 would appropriately revise each section following:

This section is completely new.


  1. These delegates are only chosen when there are more nominees for the National Delegate position than there are delegate positions available.
  2. This position is only awarded to the candidate(s) not elected if they received 50% or more of the vote.


6. Adding CC approval of ballots, highlighted in bold is the section being added.



  1. Notice requirements

1) At least one week prior to the annual INGP or special INGP Congress, documentarians from all caucuses and affiliated chapters shall notify the INGP Documentarian of the names of their delegate choice(s) and the names of their members in good standing.

2) At least one week prior to the annual INGP or special Congress, any qualified individual INGP member under ARTICLE VII, SECTION 6.. F, who chooses to carry his or her own vote to Congress instead voting through a local delegate or in the absence of a local delegate shall notify the INGP Documentarian of their intention to represent themselves at the Congress.

3) At least one week prior to INGP Congress, ballots used for state officer elections must be approved by the CC. Details must include all positions being elected, including potential alternate delegates if applicable.


7.Adding the ability to change the bylaws outside of Congress, highlighted in bold is the section being added.



  1. These bylaws may only be amended at an INGP Congress or a special meeting to which appropriate notice of proposed amendments to be considered has been given, except as provided in ARTICLE VII, SECTION 6., M., 3, e, and ARTICLE IX, SECTION 2.
  2. Appropriate notice of amendments to these bylaws shall consist of notice in writing, issued through email or regular mail, to the Documentarian, who shall distribute the proposed amendment or amendments to all members.
  3. Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the INGP Chairperson and Assistant Chairperson at least 45 days prior to Congress or special meeting.
  4. Proposed amendments shall be published on the INGP web site and general electronic mailing lists 30 days prior to meeting at which the vote is to be taken.


  1. Bylaws may be amended by a meeting of the CC with an 80%+ quorum. 
  2. Bylaw revisions by the CC require unanimous consent. 

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