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The Firefly: Connecting Indiana Greens

The Firefly: Connecting Indiana Greens
The Firefly: Connecting Indiana Greens

Going Indiana Green in 2023

Doodle the New Year Green with the Indiana Green Party! This is an exciting time for our movement of eco-justice and social action for our great Hoosier state. The Indiana Green Party enters into the New Year ready to draw our state to the green during the upcoming local election cycle with a goal of having Green candidates on ballots across the state. This is the time for you to get more involved with us and with your local Green Party movement. 

INGP 2023

The Indiana Green Party continues to grow and build on the accomplishments of last year with a vision of what we will achieve this year. In 2022 the Indiana Green Party filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of State to knock down the hurdles to ballot access that our green Hoosiers have each election cycle. Our communications and marketing strategies continue to mature as we build-out the platform and infrastructure for our local movements and candidates. So draw yourself into our Green movement here in Indiana and join us for an exciting 2023.


Statewide Meeting
Letter from our Green Party Chair

PlutoDear Members and Friends of the Indiana Green Party,


Happy New Year! As we begin this new year, I am filled with hope and excitement for what the future holds for our party and for the state of Indiana.


Indiana, the United States, and the World needs the Green Party and its ten key values more than ever. These values, which include ecological wisdom, grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence, decentralization, community-based economics, feminism, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility, and future focus, are at the heart of what we stand and what we fight for.


As you know, the current system in place is deeply flawed and does not adequately represent the needs and values of the people. We have seen firsthand how right-winged religious extremists have infiltrated our government, attacking our rights and freedoms and inciting violence and oppression against marginalized communities such as People of color, the Trans community, the LGBTQIA2s+ community, Women, Immigrants, and Religious minorities.


We have also witnessed the attacks on Roe vs Wade and the attempts to remove the right to choose and deny bodily autonomy. We have seen the attacks on voters' rights and the insidious practice of gerrymandering. And we know that the Indiana Green Party lacks ballot access due to the unfair rules created by the two-party system that makes it nearly impossible for third party candidates to get on the ballot in the State of Indiana.


But we are not backing down. The Indiana Green Party, along with the U.S. Green Party, the Indiana Libertarian Party, and several independent candidates and citizens, are currently in the process of suing the State of Indiana for ballot access. We are fighting for a level playing field and for the right to have our voices heard.


This is where you come in. We need you to step up and run for local political office as a Green Party candidate. We need to have many people running for office on a local level, representing the values of the Green Party and fighting for a saner, greener future. We also need volunteers to help us run the Indiana Green Party. We need people to help with social media, administrative duties, fundraising, and the website. We need people to help run campaigns and support candidates. We need active members.


But more than anything, we need your ideas and your direction. The Green Party is your political party, and we need to know where you want us to focus and how you want to see the party grow and get stronger. That is why I am inviting you and your interested friends to attend a statewide Zoom meeting on Thursday, January 26th at 8:30pm Eastern - 7:30pm Central. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and to be a part of the movement to create a better tomorrow for all.


If you're not a member yet or need to renew your membership it's easy to join. Go to our website at you will see many options to join right on our front page. Start your New Year Green. 


I also invite non-members to join us at this meeting. We need to work together to make the left stronger in the state of Indiana, and that means bringing together all those who share our values and our vision for the future. Our rights and our very basic ability to survive is under attack. It's going to take all of us, the entire spectrum of the left, working together to protect our rights and well being. You're welcome and valid at our statewide meeting. Let's move forward together.


Link to Statewide Zoom Meeting 

Indiana Green Party Statewide Zoom Meeting

Scheduled for 

Thursday, January 26th at 8:30pm Eastern - 7:30pm Central


Link to FaceBook Event Page for 

Indiana Green Party Statewide Zoom Meeting

Indiana Green Party January Statewide Meeting Facebook Event Page


So let's make this new year one of action and progress. Let's come together, roll up our sleeves, and work towards a brighter future for all. The Indiana Green Party needs you, and together, we can create the change we want to see.


With warmest regards,

Pluto Brand

State Chair, Indiana Green Party

Paint the Ballot Green

‚?ćThe Indiana Green Party supports Green Candidates throughout Indiana. Running for office takes a lot of time, effort, and emotional support. These tireless efforts on the local level also need your financial support. Make a contribution today to help us to paint every ballot across Indiana Green! Click on the button below to make a contribution today. If you would like more information about running for your local office in 2023 contact us, message us on facebook, or reply to this email.

‚?ćThe Indiana Green Party has been working to improve our website and communications around our party. One of the projects moving forward has been the redevelopment of our website Take time to see what we have been doing to improve our image as we refine who we are as Indiana Greens. If you would like to add your voice to any of the content of website - pictures, content, graphics or copy - let us know by sending an email or contacting us through the website.


Indiana Writes In Greens 

The 2022 November General elections had Greens writing in candidates in three elections. From the statewide Secretary of State race, the 9th US Congressional District to the Kewanna Town Council race in Fulton County. Without ballot access, our Green candidates faced very difficult campaigns as they worked to build statewide and local movements.

Jacob Bailey

‚?ćJacob Bailey ran for the 9th US Congress District and in concluding his campaign stated "l¬†are pleased with how positive and strong our movement has become! I feel happy and proud of what we have stood for and for what we have accomplished."


Due to the way the Indiana Elections Division does not enforce full compliance with the reporting of votes for specific write-in candidates, the Indiana Green Party can not make full assessments of our work around the state. We thank all three of our candidates for all their hard work during the 2022 season. 



‚?ćJoin the Party!

Now is the time to join the party that is focused on our Green movement of environmental justice, human rights and democracy. Your annual membership connects you to our grassroots movement. Help us to push Indiana into the Green Revolution. 


‚?ćYour contributions to our Indiana focused Green Movement helps to spread the message and develop our next generation of environmental and justice focused candidates. Support your Indiana Greens with you contribution today.

‚?ćThe Indiana Green Party is a registered political party with the state of Indiana. Contributions are subject to Indiana's campaign finance regulations and reporting requirements.¬†

B‚?ćecome A Member

We need your voice in how to move us forward in every community in Indiana. Membership in the Green Party connects you to Greens throughout the state and includes you in our Annual Congress business meeting. Click on your membership level to make send in your secure, online membership.


‚?ćInterested in Joining our Work for a Green Indiana?

We are always looking for volunteers to help our grassroots movement. From advocacy to political action we have needs across the state and in your local area. We also are looking for Greens to run in local offices in 2023 to show the power of the people. To find out more how you can become more involved with your Green Party, click here to contact us!

‚?ćGreen FIles for OfficeLocal Greens Begin to File for 2023 Elections

Wednesday was the first day for candidates to start filing with their local elections board for the 2023 elections. Rev. Michael Cooper, a local member of the Northwest Indiana Greens, was the first and only in line at 8:30am when the elections office opened in Porter County. Rev. Cooper turned in signatures to run as Mayor of Portage. Unlike the major political parties in Indiana, Greens have to secure signature petitions to just file for an election. On Wednesday, Rev Cooper completed the first step of this process and submitted 245 signatures, which is 25% more than the required 192 signatures required for this office. 

Help grow the Indiana Green Wave of 2023 by becoming a candidate in your area. We want to help you get the signatures you need by July to get our Green values on the ballot for your community to make the best choice for our environment and for Indiana. Contact the Indiana Green Party today to make discover how you can make that impact.


our Green and Blue and only Planet
Green Party Indiana

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