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The Firefly: Connecting Indiana Greens

The Firefly: Connecting Indiana Greens
The Firefly: Connecting Indiana Greens

Springing in the Green Indiana

The season for Greens is here and your Indiana Green Party is Springing in the Greens for Indiana. Locals around Indiana are making plans for this exciting time of year of advocacy and education about their local issues. Across the Hoosier state candidates are stepping out for our environmental and progressive values as we ramp up for the November local elections. There are lots of opportunities for you to emerge into the wonderful Indiana sun to grow with us in 2023. Discover how you can get involved with our exciting work for our communities as we continue to build on the pillars of the Green Party - peace, ecology, social justice and democracy.


INGP March 2023 Meeting
March Statewide Green ZOOM

Are you passionate about the environment and social justice? Then you don't want to miss the Indiana Green Party Monthly Statewide Meeting! Join us on Zoom on Thursday, March 20, 2023, at 8:30 PM Eastern / 7:30 PM Central time.

At the meeting, you'll meet like-minded individuals and learn about efforts by our members statewide. Get updated on State Party and National Party information and news. Create plans for the party and share ideas. You can also get involved in local campaigns and help steer the direction of the party.

Creating a community is crucial for the growth of the party, so we encourage you to get involved and make a difference. To RSVP and receive the Zoom link mark yourself as attending this meeting on the event page. We can't wait to see you there!

Link to Statewide Zoom Meeting 

Indiana Green Party Statewide Zoom Meeting

Scheduled for 

Thursday, January 26th at 8:30pm Eastern - 7:30pm Central


Link to FaceBook Event Page for 

Indiana Green Party Statewide Zoom Meeting

Indiana Green Party March Statewide Meeting Facebook Event Page


Paint the Ballot Green

‚?ćThe Indiana Green Party supports Green Candidates throughout Indiana. Running for office takes a lot of time, effort, and emotional support. These tireless efforts on the local level also need your financial support. Make a contribution today to help us to paint every ballot across Indiana Green! Click on the button below to make a contribution today. If you would like more information about running for your local office in 2023 contact us, message us on facebook, or reply to this email.

‚?ćThe Indiana Green Party has been working to improve our website and communications around our party. One of the projects moving forward has been the redevelopment of our website Take time to see what we have been doing to improve our image as we refine who we are as Indiana Greens. If you would like to add your voice to any of the content of website - pictures, content, graphics or copy - let us know by sending an email or contacting us through the website.


The Indiana Green Party gathers each year for our Annual Congress. This is our business meeting where we discuss structure, policy and platform as well as electing our party officers. Stay tuned for upcoming information about this summer's gathering. If you would like to get involved in planning and organizing this important meeting, reach out to our Congress Planning committee by replying to this email or filling out the contact form on our website. 

‚?ćJoin the Party!

Now is the time to join the party that is focused on our Green movement of environmental justice, human rights and democracy. Your annual membership connects you to our grassroots movement. Help us to push Indiana into the Green Revolution. 


‚?ćYour contributions to our Indiana focused Green Movement helps to spread the message and develop our next generation of environmental and justice focused candidates. Support your Indiana Greens with you contribution today.

‚?ćThe Indiana Green Party is a registered political party with the state of Indiana. Contributions are subject to Indiana's campaign finance regulations and reporting requirements.¬†

B‚?ćecome A Member

We need your voice in how to move us forward in every community in Indiana. Membership in the Green Party connects you to Greens throughout the state and includes you in our Annual Congress business meeting. Click on your membership level to make send in your secure, online membership.


‚?ćInterested in Joining our Work for a Green Indiana?

We are always looking for volunteers to help our grassroots movement. From advocacy to political action we have needs across the state and in your local area. We also are looking for Greens to run in local offices in 2023 to show the power of the people. To find out more how you can become more involved with your Green Party, click here to contact us!

Ballot Access

Ballot Access Lawsuit Moving Forward in Indiana

an update from George Wolfe


George Wolfe‚??Indiana‚??s ballot access laws are among the most restrictive in the nation.‚?Ě That‚??s according to attorney Oliver Hall, general council to the Center for Competitive Democracy (CCD) in Washington D.C. I learned firsthand how restrictive Indiana ballot access laws are when in 2018, I ran as the Indiana Green Party candidate for Secretary of State.


In order to gain ballot access for this statewide office, I needed to obtain 26,699 signatures from registered voters in Indiana on ballot access petitions. This figure was derived by taking 2 percent of the number of Indiana citizens who voted in the prior election for Secretary of State. In 2022, the 2 percent ballot access petition requirement for independent or minor party Secretary of State candidates was calculated to be 44,935 signatures due to the higher number of people who voted in 2018. This in contrast to Republican and Democratic Party nominees who automatically appear on the ballot after being selected through taxpayer-funded election primaries. 


Over the past 20 years, no independent or minor party candidate has successfully completed a statewide petition drive. Former independent presidential candidate Ross Perot (1992 and 1996) and minor party candidate Pat Buchanan (2000) gained ballot access, but both Buchanan and Perot were multi-millionaires who could afford to spend over half-a-million dollars to hire petitioning companies to canvas for them. 


The filing deadline for turning in signed petitions used to be July 15th. After the year 2000, this deadline was moved back to June 30th. As a result, Independent and minor party candidates now have two weeks less time to complete the petitioning requirement. 


The petitioning process was made even more burdensome by the COVIC-19 pandemic. Approaching voters to ask them to sign a paper petition in person violated social distancing recommendations and placed both petitioners and citizen voters at risk of being exposed to the highly contagious COVID virus.

Furthermore, insisting aspiring candidates obtain signatures in person discriminates against individuals with physical disabilities. A candidate who is confined to a wheelchair, for example, is at a disadvantage when petitioning, compared to someone who able-bodied and far more mobile. Such inequalities could easily be remedied by providing a secure online option for acquiring petition signatures, as is in place in the state Arizona.


There has been some effort among Indiana legislators to change Indiana‚??s antiquated ballot access laws. Republican Senator Greg Walker (District 41) has proposed legislation to reduce the petition signature requirement. In January of 2019, I testified before the Senate Elections Committee in support of Senator Walker‚??s bill. Unfortunately, Senator Walker‚??s proposed legislation was defeated.


During my tenure as chair of the Indiana Green Party, I approached the Center for Competitive Democracy about bringing together a coalition of plaintiffs to file a lawsuit with the goal of having the current ballot access laws declared unconstitutional. Subsequently, the case Indiana Green Party, et al. v Sullivan, No. 12-cv-oo518 (SDIN) has been filed in the Federal District Court of the Southern District of Indiana. 

In addition to myself, the list of plaintiffs include the Indiana Green Party, the Libertarian Party of Indiana, 2022 Green Party candidate for Secretary of State David Wetterer, A.B. Brand who represents the Indiana Disability Caucus, former Libertarian Party candidate for Secretary of State Mark Rutherford, Indiana Libertarian Party Chair Evan McMahon, attorney Andrew Horning, former independent State Representative candidate Ken Tucker, and independent Green Party activists Adam Muelhausen and John Shearer.


In response to our lawsuit, the Secretary of State‚??s office filed a brief arguing that the lawsuit should be dismissed. District Court Judge James R. Sweeney II, who happens to be a Donald Trump appointee, denied this request for dismissal.


Voters in Indiana need more choices on the ballot, not less. Constructive solutions proposed by independent and third party candidates challenge the platforms of both Democratic and Republican nominees, contribute to the political forum of ideas, and help to strengthen our democracy.


George Wolfe is Professor Emeritus in the School of Music and former Director of the Ball State University Center for Peace and Conflict Studies. He was the 2018 Green Party candidate for Secretary of State in Indiana and has served as Chair of the Indiana Green Party. He is also a trained mediator and the author of The Spiritual Power of Nonviolence: Interfaith Understanding for a Future Without War.

‚?ćMake a Contribution for Ballot Access

You can support our Ballot Access Initiatives with a special contribution today. Going through the legal system with lawyers and depositions requires a considerable amount of money. A contribution will help us off-set those expenses as we move deeper into this important process for our Indiana Green Party.

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