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Jacob Bailey

My name is Jacob Bailey and I am a candidate for a National Delegate position to represent Indiana. I am also a candidate for US Congress in Indiana’s 9th District.
A little bit about me; I am a father, a teacher, a peace activist and an Army veteran. I have been a vegan for 25 years and have worked to promote many social issues of our times. I am a life-long Hoosier who has a family farm near Greensburg(in the family since 1830’s).
My college degree is in Elementary Education from Indiana University and I have my full Montessori credential as well. While I teach all areas of the curriculum, my passion is teaching peace education.
I would like to be a National Delegate because I feel that I can articulate the opinions of the INGP on the national level. I feel that Indiana is too often looked down upon for being too conservative, but I know there are pockets of us Hoosiers that are extremely dedicated to the progressive ideas that will move us forward. It would be an honor to serve the INGP, our state, and our country in this duty!

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