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James Mahoney

Hello all, hope you’re all doing well. My name is James Mahoney, and I’m running for a position as an Indiana Green Party delegate to the National Committee, which has two open spots and another for the alternative. Some of you know me a bit, and some not so much; I have tended to be a bit insular, and do not get the pleasure of attending as many meetings as I would like involving the INGP and its caucuses, due to, in part, the erratic schedule of a grocery store worker.

I’ve considered myself a Green since around 2016 officially, and unofficially since around 2012, though I admittedly did vote for Barack Obama in that race due to not, at that time, believing in voting for write-in candidates. I have moved past that, however, having been a strong supporter of Jill Stein in 2016, Howie Hawkins in 2020, and, of course, George Wolfe’s 2018 Secretary of State run. It’d be remiss of me to not mention that David Wetterer is running for SoS this time around, and I look forward to supporting their campaign as well.

On a more personal level, I’ve lived in Columbia City since 2015, after ten years of living in Huntington. As referenced above, I work at a Kroger, and have for the past four years now. I’ve attended Ball State University for two years and Vincennes University for one, but I did not complete enough courses to have earned a degree, which is a personal shame on my part. In my free time, I tend to enjoy reading, be it fiction or non-fiction, long-form video essays on YouTube, chatting with my close friends, and analyzing election results of third-party candidates.

I’m running for this delegate position because I want to help the INGP represent the interests of our party and our members in the National Committee. With previous votes such as the disaccreditation of the Georgia Green Party and the Green Party of Alaska, along with the recent withdrawal from the Federation of American Green Parties (FPVA), it is easy to see this is an important position that should be held by those who agree in the values of the national and statewide Green Party, and that includes trans rights, which I wholly support and will always vote in favor of affirming, and for measures taken against those who do not inside our party.

Whether chosen as a delegate, the alternate, or neither, I look forward to another year with the Indiana Green Party, of whom I shall continue to donate time, money, and effort into fighting for what needs to be fought. This includes representative ballot access in Indiana and across the country, against the transphobia that has plagued some portions of the party, and for a leftist vision of the future, an alternative against the neo-liberal capitalism of the Democratic Party, the creeping (or sprinting, at this point) fascism of the Republican Party, and the feudalist nature of the Libertarians, who are sadly still the only third-party in Indiana who have consistent ballot access.

Perhaps the lawsuit against the Indiana Secretary of State will change that fact, perhaps not, but regardless, I will help fight for the future of this party, state and national. Thank you all for your time, and choose me as your delegate or not, I look forward to seeing you all at the Congress. Cheers.


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