Volunteers Needed!

Indianapolis / Marion County

Green Party Candidate

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5

Mike Smith - District 16 - Green Party

Mike Smith is a Green Party candidate on the ballot for Indianapolis City-County Council, District 16, and we need your help to get the word out! Election Day is next Tuesday, November 5, 2019. This is a callout for:

  • Election Day Poll Workers - We need people with signs and info stationed outside of polling places in District 16 on Tuesday. We'll provide everything you need. Polls are open from 6am-6pm. We'll work in shifts.
  • Door Knockers - We've been to a lot of neighborhoods, but many doors still haven't been knocked. You can knock for an hour or all weekend if you want! We'll supply you with a list of names/addresses on particular streets in Distict 16 and business cards to leave at doors of registered voters.
  • Other - If you have an idea for signage, art, media, or another way to get the word out, let's do it!

Let us know how you would feel most comfortable helping. You can reply to this email directly.


Grassroots At The Core

If you saw the Indy Star last week, you saw Mike's campaign finances compared to his Democrat and Republican contenders.

Democrat - $75,000
Republican - $43,000
Mike Smith, Green - $120

This is also why we need your help. We can't purchase large billboards or send mailers to every voter in District 16 (not that we'd want to). We must reach voters individually.

Mike will be a much needed voice of the working class, not only for District 16, but for all of Marion County.


Mike's Message

Learn about Mike's message on:
Vote411, Facebook, Twitter, and the Indiana Green Party website

Thanks for your support.

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