CALLOUT - Ranked Choice Voting Committee

We need your help to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Indiana!

Ranked Choice Voting Committee Callout

A few years ago, Maine became the first state to reform their elections by adopting Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Then, America's largest city -- New York City -- passed RCV by a whopping 74% of the vote. Five states used RCV for the 2020 presidential primaries or caucuses.

RCV is a simple upgrade to the ballot. Instead of choosing just one candidate, RCV allows you to rank multiple candidates in the order you prefer them (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on). This solves a number of long-standing problems in our American political system: the intractability of the two major parties; "spoiler" candidates; candidates who win elections without majority support; negative attack ads; and poor voter turnout. 

Can you join the new INGP RCV Committee?

A non-partisan movement is starting in Indiana around RCV. Greens have been advocating for RCV for decades! We should do all we can to make RCV a reality in Indiana. We are forming a committee to give Greens a voice in this new movement!

If you want to [1] learn everything you need to know about RCV from expert speakers, [2] share your ideas about how we can advance RCV in Indiana, and [3] enjoy good conversation with friends and neighbors, then this committee is for you!

Reply to this email with your info to get connected and to represent the Green Party in this movement!

Rank The Vote Indiana is a potential non-partisan partner for the INGP RCV Committee. Our committee will represent the Green Party at this event.

Their Launch Meeting is Monday, December 14 at 8pm ET (7pm CT).
Feel free to RSVP and share it far and wide.

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