Tonight - INGP Presidential Primary Vote Counting

Are you UP for the Vote?!
We're counting votes TONIGHT @ 9pm ET / 8pm CT

It's time,

The votes are in! We are live-streaming our ballot counting to the Indiana Green Party Facebook Page and YouTube Channel tonight at 9pm ET / 8pm CT! You can also watch the votes be tabulated in real-time on the shared spreadsheet.

We hope you can join us and watch your ballot be opened and tabulated. We will be opening envelopes in ascending order by member number (lowest to highest). You should have received an INGP Membership Card with your ballot last month if you made the deadline. Your member number is on that card.

For more info on our the INGP Presidential Primary, check our website, or you can always contact us directly.

How Your Vote is Represented

The INGP Delegation Plan describes our voting process in depth. In summary, the Green Party of the United States is having its Presidential Nominating Convention on July 11. The INGP has 4 delegates that we will be sending to the Green Party's Nominating Convention. These delegates will directly represent the votes of Greens throughout Indiana by voting in-line with your vote, using ranked choice voting.

Thanks for your continued support. See you tonight!

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