Write-in Randy Paul as Monroe County Commissioner

Volunteers Needed! 
Calling upon all who want to do something about
the sickly status quo & not just talk about it.

We need volunteers to go to Monroe County to watch the counting of votes on Election Day, November 3rd.

Indiana Green Party member, Randy Paul is running as a write-in candiate for Monroe County Commissioner. We are calling upon all individuals who are sick of the status quo and actually want to do something about it instead of just talk about the change that is needed. We need your help now!

The Green Party is allowed to have poll watchers so we can watch the counting of votes to ensure all write-in votes for Randy Paul are counted. If you are a doer and can help watch the polls and the vote count, reply to this email asap! Talkers need not apply. 

Volunteering to watch the counting of votes is so important, and here is why: The Indiana Green Party has ran write-in candidates in the past, and believe it or not, many votes were not counted.

To be a paid poll worker in Indiana, you must be a democrat or a republican. This results in our political competition counting votes. It is so important for us to have eyes on the people counting the votes. We must hold the vote counters accountable for every single vote for Randy Paul. Ensure democracy exists by volunteering today. 

Simply reply to this email if you are interested in volunteering.

For more on Randy's stances visit the Indiana Green Party's website.

Connect with Randy on Facebook.

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