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Callout for Indiana Green Party Chair Nominations


The Indiana Green Party (INGP) is seeking nominations for Chair and wants to know if you are interested in the position! Our former Chair, Geroge Wolfe, recently had to step down for personal reasons. So, we are looking for an organized and driven leader to help lead the INGP as we build a grassroots effort to take back our government from corporate owned politicians.

According to the INGP Bylaws, the specifics of the Chair position are as follows:


  • Any office holder of the INGP may not hold office in another political party committee or political campaign committee within the Green Party of the United States or any other political party in the United States.


  • The Chair shall be the official spokespeople for the INGP, accountable to the membership, and required to obey any imperative mandates or other decisions of the membership.
  • The Chair shall chair monthly Coordinating Committee meetings and the annual Congress, shall be responsible for the organization of these meetings, solicit proposals, and propose an agenda.
  • The Chair shall also cosign, with the Treasurer, all required documents.

If you are interested or have any questions, please reply to this email.

Indiana Green Party

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