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Michindoh Aquifer

The water of the Michindoh Aquifer is a precious resource that is essential for life. Water resources should not be privatized. Existing law needs to be changed to ensure that aquifers like the Michindoh remain sustainable sources of water for future generations.

Michindoh Aquifer
Michindoh Aquifer

“The pictures are from a village council meeting in Pioneer, Ohio. The mayor, Ed Kidston, wants to silence us at his council meetings. He is the one that wants to tap and sell our water and he wanted to pass a resolution that said the aquifer could no longer be discussed at their council meetings. These pictures are from the second reading of that resolution. Thankfully they tabled the resolution.”
 – Susan Catterall.

The Facebook page is the Michindoh Water Warriors. The Twitter page is Michindoh Water Warriors @FightEdKidston.

A fundraising campaign is available:
“Artesian of Pioneer’s plan to make money by selling our drinking water to consumers outside the aquifer is self-serving and shortsighted.The Michindoh Aquifer is Williams County’s sole source of drinking water. If we lose it to depletion, we have no other economically feasible source of drinking water. Once a pipeline to extract and sell water to entities outside the aquifer is built, there will be no turning back. Rather than a business selling our drinking water for profit, we should conserve the aquifer for future generations.”

“Donations will fund yard signs, informational materials, outreach to the public and the search for strategies to stop this proposal.”

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