How can I help?

Indiana Green Party Ballot Access Resources

Help Indiana in 2021 and Beyond

  1. Volunteer with the Indiana Green Party!
  2. Contact your state legislators. To find them, best to go to =
  3. If your community has either a Cracker Barrel or 3rd House Sessions [aka Meet the local General Assembly members’ sessions that occur while the Indiana General Assembly is in session starting January 2021], best to attend those. You can find them at the following locations:
    1. ACLU Indiana =
    2. Hoosier Environmental Council =

Help with GPUS’ Ballot Access Committee [BAC]

  1. Volunteer = - for those that want to do phone banking or other ventures for the Green Party at the national level
  2. Website =
  3. There’s also a few resources on Facebook
    1. BAC page =
    2. BAC organizing group =