October 2017


Letter From the Chair

Greetings, fellow Greens. As I write this, I am sitting on a deck behind our rented cabin in the Smokies down outside Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Up here in the mountains, looking across the darkened pond and listening to the crickets and the birds, it’s easy to forget about the tourist trap down below – or the circus being played out in the White House.

As Greens, we are – or at least should be – some of the most hopeful people in the world. What other party can claim to work for a truly equal and just society? One with a platform of peace, equality, and environmental restoration? Yet we find ourselves in a world becoming increasingly devoid of hope. People all around us are suffering and more and more we see them giving in to despair. Our job is to continue to inspire them. Even when they don’t believe it’s possible. Even when they would rather blame us for the failures of our society. Even when they hate us for our beliefs and our dedication. We must go on. Lighting the candle of hope for all whose light has been extinguished.

So in our way we will soldier on. Believing that we can – and working to – #ActOnClimate. Believing that #BlackLivesMatter – and working to be better brothers and sisters. Believing in and working for #IndigenousRights. Believing in and advocating for #UniversalHealthcare. And so much more. So stand strong. Hold each other up. Keep working for a Green new future. For us. For our children. For all.

Amanda Shepherd
Indiana Green Party Chair

Growing the Indiana Green Party

Active citizens are the antithesis to corrupt power. 

Social change is made through engagement. If you want to change society, you have to go out and change it. This may seem obvious, but all too often people think that society will change just through education, thinking good thoughts, or treating each other better. These are important, but they’re not the final answer. Sooner or later we have to work together to get funding for a citywide recycling program, stop an incinerator, defeat some toxic waste dealer in an election, or make sure that a ballot initiative gets passed. This is political work in its truest sense, and this is the primary reason for the Greens’ existence.

Government must be part of the solution, but when it’s controlled by the 1%, it’s part of the problem. The longer we wait for change, the harder it gets. Get involved locally with other Greens now! Start by determining if there is a local group in your area. Here’s a complete list of current potential local chapters & caucuses that have been in contact with the INGP since Congress: 
  • Circle City Greens - Facebook
  • Delaware County Greens - Facebook
  • Green Party of East Central Indiana
    Facebook: @greenpartyalternative
  • Green Party of Hobart County
  • Jefferson County Greens - Facebook
  • Monroe County Greens/Bloomington Green Party - Facebook
  • Northwest Indiana Greens - Facebook
  • St. Joesph County Greens
    Facebook: @stjosephgreens
  • Vigo County Greens - Facebook
Some of the above mentioned groups are well formed, have leaders and are meeting on a regular basis. Others are still forming. If you are interested in forming as a recognized group, or if by chance you are involved in a group that is not identified on the list, contact us at:

If there is no local group in your area, start one. We can’t afford to wait around for the rich to save us.

Local chapters & caucuses must be comprised of a minimum of three members of the INGP. If you are going to start a group, yet don’t have the required amount of people to start one, contact us.

Indiana Chapters & Caucuses
Currently formed groups: Action is required!

Since the INGP has recently formed, all currently formed groups shall apply for regonization as a chapter or a caucus.

Local chapters need to meet the requirements set out in Article VI, Section 1 of the INGP’s bylaws. If your group meets the requirements it shall apply in writing to the INGP’s Coordinating Committee for affiliation and shall elect a delegate to the Coordinating Committee and Congress.

Written requests are accepted in electonic or paper form. Email your request or mail it to: 13936 W. Main Street, Daleville, Indiana 47334.

If your group intends on becoming a local chapter but does not meet the requirements you may form as a caucus. Three or more INGP members may request to form a local or regional caucus and elect a delegate to the Coordinating Committee and Congress. A local caucus has twelve months to meet the requirements to affiliate as a local chapter or dissolve.

Requests to form a local caucus must be sent to the Treasurer of the INGP, Gregory Ellcessor at 13936 W. Main Street, Daleville, Indiana 47334.

Additional Caucuses

The word "caucus" can have a number of different meanings in a political context. In the Green Party, caucuses function as Identity Caucuses: a grouping of Greens, not explicitly ideological in nature, that has historically failed to attain adequate access to power in society at-large and/or within the Green movement. Currently, the national party includes Black, Latinx, Lavender, Women's & Youth Caucuses.

Caucuses help bring greater diversity to the Green Party, and help ensure that the Green Party is hearing from historically under-represented people and taking up their concerns and needs. They allow people who identify as Black, LGBT, women, youth, or Latino as well as Green to come together in their own space within the party. 

Members of the INGP are encouraged to form caucuses throughout the state.

INGP Vacant Positions 

There are a number of vacant positions that need to be filled immediately. If you are interested in any of them, contact us.
  • Documentarian - The Coordinating Committee has recently been notified of the resignation of the Documentarian that was voted in during Congress. The floor is open for nominations. Contact us to nominate someone, including yourself. All nominations should be submitted by November 1, 2017.

    Job description: The Documentarian's shall oversee membership application procedures, maintain membership lists, take minutes of regular business meetings and Congresses, keep and make available to members all non-financial records, and perform general secretarial duties.
  • INGP Platform Working Group - per the INGP bylaws, a group of INGP members shall come together to revise the platform for next year's Congress. If you are interested in being part of this Working Group, contact us.
  • Member to the Green Party's National Media Committee. Green Party US has asked for someone to serve as an Indiana appointee to the Green Party's National Media Committee. If you are interested in this position, please contact us
  • Pro Bono Attorney - The INGP is looking for an attorney who would be willing to provide guidance to ensure party practices are in accordiance with the law. If you are interested or know someone who may be, please contact us.

Ballot Access

Each chapter & caucus shall designate a member of the group to serve on the Ballot Access Committee. INGP’s Ballot Access Committee Chair is Philip Sanders. Once your group has identified its Ballot Access Committee member, contact Philip by email or by phone at 317-737-6634.

Taking Minutes & Roberts Rules of Order

For many of us attending formal meetings is not an ordinary part of the day. Familiarizing oneself to Robert's Rules of Order is essential. It’s a guide for conducting meetings and making decisions as a group. For an in-depth reading on Robert’s Rules of Order visit this link.

Taking Minutes
It is typically the Secretary’s role to take minutes at meetings.

Generally, minutes record what was done, not what was said. They identify the group, date and place of the meeting, the type of meeting i.e. monthly meeting, and notes attendees and those absent, if possible. 

When the meeting begins, note the start time. 

Record all relevant information and all points of order including rulings; and identify the individual(s) making points of order. Each motion should include the exact wording of the motion.

Obtain copies or relevant materials that may be distributed during the meeting. 

Record the time the meeting adjourned.


Membership in the INGP is open to all Indiana residents who agree with the Ten Key Values: 

  • Ecological wisdom
  • Grassroots democracy
  • Social justice
  • Nonviolence
  • Decentralization
  • Community-based economics
  • Feminism
  • Respect for diversity
  • Personal and global responsibility
  • Future focus / sustainability

and the Political Practices (Article VI, Section 1 of the INGP bylaws) as a framework for organizing and action.

To apply for membership to the INGP, fill out this form. Mail the completed from along with your membership dues to the Treasurer of the INGP, Gregory Ellcessor at 13936 W. Main Street, Daleville, Indiana 47334. 

Running for Office

Interested in running for office as a Green? If so, fill out the INGP’s Candidate Questionnaire and forward the completed form us via email or mail to 13936 W. Main Street, Daleville, Indiana 47334.

Social Media

Local chapters and caucuses are encouraged to maintain social media profiles, including FaceBook Groups and Twitter pages.


To submit a piece for publication in this newsletter, forward said piece to the INGP’s Communications Director.

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