November 2017

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Growing the Indiana Green Party

Local Green News

Circle City Greens
The Circle City Greens is the local group for Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Monthly meetings take place on the 1st Wednesday of every month near downtown Indianapolis. The Circle City Greens are in the process of nominating officers for the following positions: Chair, Assistant Chair, Treasurer, Documentarian, and two Media Czars. The deadline to submit nominations is December 1st.

Upcoming Events: The Circle City Greens recently created a Facebook page that’s open to the public. This is in addition to their private Facebook group. 

Delaware County Greens
The Delaware County Greens meet the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from 6:00-8:00 pm at Kennedy Library in Muncie.

Next meeting: November 19th at 6:00 pm at Kennedy Library in Muncie.

The Delaware County Greens can be found on Facebook.

Green Party of Northeast Indiana
The Green Party of Northeast Indiana was inadvertently left off of the list of local groups in the previous newsletter. This group covers the Northeast Indiana area and is primarily located in Fort Wayne. They have had an informational table 2 years running at the Labor Union Labor Day Picnic which attracts about 10,000 people each year. They participate in many local rallies and gatherings; the latest being the Food Not Lawns Seed Exchange which took place on October 29th where they had an informational table set up. 

Upcoming Events:
  • November 11th at 11:11 am at the Allen County Courthouse in Fort Wayne. - Reclaim Armistice Day for Peace with United Activists of Fort Wayne Indiana, Veterans for Peace and Fort Wayne for Peace, Food Not Bombs Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Supporting Refugees From Aleppo & the World, Friends of the Third World, People for the Common Good, and Middle East Peace Center. 
The Green Party of Northeast Indiana can be found on Facebook.

Green Party of East Central Indiana
The Green Party of East Central Indiana’s function is to coordinate and facilitate the resistance to the hegemony of the two-party system, both corrupted by corporate influence. They are firmly committed to the Ten Key Values and are advocates of Peace, Planet & People over Profit. Members participate locally with the Delaware County Greens and can be found on Facebook.

Green Party of Hobart, Indiana
The Green Party of Hobart, Indiana is building a precinct organization to elect local officials who’ll promote environmentally responsible government at the local, state & federal levels. They are an affiliate of the Northwest Indiana Green Party and can be found on Facebook.

Jefferson County Greens
The Jefferson County Greens desire to give the citizens of Jefferson County a just, ethical and viable alternative to the antiquated, stagnating, unresponsive, and corrupt two-party system. They can be found on Facebook.

Johnson County
Interest to form a local chapter in Johnson County has been expressed. In accordance with the INGP bylaws, forming an official group requires a minimum of three individuals. If you are interesting in being a leader of the Johnson County Greens, contact us.  

Monroe County Greens/Bloomington Green Party
The Monroe Couny Greens, or the Bloomington Green Party is active in local events like the Jail Recovery & Standing Rock benefits. Though this group is active locally, it is not officially formed. Interest to form as a local chapter has been relayed to the INGP. The group is currently in need of a couple of leaders. The INGP bylaws require a minimum of three individuals to form chapters & caucuses. If you are interesting in being a leader of this group, contact us. The Monroe County Greens/Bloomington Green Party can be found on Facebook.

Northwest Indiana Green Party
The Northwest Indiana Green Party (NWIGP) auxiliary party organization affiliated with the Indiana Green Party, serving the three Lake Michigan shoreline counties, Lake, Porter and LaPorte. This November will be the first time the group will host a meeting in LaPorte County. 

Next meeting: November 12th from 1:00-3:00 pm - NWI Green Party November Meeting at Lakeshore Coffee & Specialities in Michigan City.

About 40 current and potential political activists, including 20 or so who raised their hands when asked if they were running for office in 2018, attended a half-day candidates’ training program hosted by the not-for-profit RISE NWI.  

“First find your why,” instructed keynote speaker and former Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Christina Hale in challenging would-be candidates to look to their hearts for the reason they’re running, and then perfect ways to express that reason sincerely and succinctly. 

The NWIGP is working with RISE NWI on sharing training materials and was represented at the Nov. 4 session by NWIGP Treasurer Joseph Conn. 

“We want to be the political arm of what you’re doing here,” Conn also told about 50 attendees of a meeting Nov. 8 in Michigan City of what was billed as panel discussion and listening session, “How Pollution Impacts Our Health: A Community Conversation.” 

The event was organized by Moms Clean Air Force and the Sierra Club and hosted by P.A.R.C, an organization and venue for community action in Michigan City.

“There are brownfield sites all over the country in neighborhoods of people of color,” said panelist Dominique Edwards of the Michigan City Social Justice Group. Edwards said she grew up in the industrialized Eastport neighborhood of Michigan City. She described how the arc of her environmental awareness began to rise when she tried to help address food shortage and nutritional issues in her community by promoting local gardening. It was then she learned the soil in her neighborhood was contaminated. “We can no longer grow our own food in Eastport,” Edwards said.

Rob Johnson, also a Michigan City activist and MCSJG member, said one in five children on the city’s west side tested positive for lead poisoning. But Johnson said he first learned about the lead contamination in his community from a national Reuters investigative report that included a segment focused on lead contamination in East Chicago, also an industrial city 40 miles west along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Lake County. 

There, the EPA and IDEM support an ambitious, multi-million dollar program to dig up and replace the water service lines to 400 homes in a Super Fund site where soil was contaminated with lead, most likely from a long-since shuttered lead smelting plant. 

It’s shocking just how little information people have” about lead poisoning, Johnson said. Soil contamination can occur from microscopic particles blown in the air and landing in the soil, but also from remnants from long-banned lead-based paint and from aging lead and galvanized water pipes, Johnson said. 

With lead abatement costs running upwards of $10,000 per house, “cities that are already cash strapped shouldn’t be responsible for decades-old problems,” he said.

The NWI Greens can be found on Facebook.

Vigo County Greens 
The Vigo County Greens meet on a regular basis and are very active in the community. At the current moment they are helping to create a Young Greens chapter at ISU. 

Next meeting: November 11th - November 2017 VCGP Meeting at 2:30 pm at the Grand Traverse Pie Company in Terre Haute. 

The Vigo County Greens can be found on Facebook

If you are interested in forming as a recognized group, or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Getting Greens on the Ballot & Into Office

We have some really exciting news to share with you in the very near future. It involves running an Indiana Green for office in 2018! To be included on the ballot, we are going to need tens of thousands of signatures. So, we will need everyone’s help. In the coming weeks we will be sharing an instructional video on how to petition for signatures to achieve ballot access. If we do this right, Greens in Indiana won’t have to petition for signatures again.

If you are interested in volunteering for a position on the campaign, please contact us

Each chapter & caucus shall designate a member to serve on the Ballot Access Committee. INGP’s Ballot Access Committee Chair is Philip Sanders. Once your group has identified its Ballot Access Committee member, contact Philip by email or by phone at 317-737-6634.

Interested in running for office as a Green? If so, fill out the INGP’s Candidate Questionnaire and forward the completed form to us via email or mail to INGP Documentarian, Michael Richardson, 1240 N. Oxford Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201.

Indiana Chapters & Caucuses
Currently formed groups: Action is required!

Since the INGP has recently formed, all currently formed groups shall apply for recognition as a chapter or a caucus.

Local chapters and cacucses that meet the requirements listed in the INGP’s bylaws shall apply in writing to the INGP’s Coordinating Committee for affiliation and shall elect a delegate to the Coordinating Committee and Congress. Written requests are accepted in electonic or paper form. Email your request or mail it to:

Michael Richardson
INGP Documentarian & Custodian of Records
1240 N. Oxford Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201i

INGP Vacant Positions 

There are a number of vacant positions that need to be filled immediately. If you are interested in any of them, contact us.
  • INGP Platform Working Group - per the INGP bylaws, a group of INGP members shall come together to revise the platform for next year's Congress. Some interest has been expressed in forming this group. As we are all aware, groups consist of more than one person. So, if you are interested in being part of this Working Group, contact us.
  • Member to the Green Party's National Media Committee. If you enjoy working in media and want to be involved with the Green Party on a national level, volunteer for this position. Duties would include: preparing press releases, social media, livestream broadcasts, and other daily matters. If you are interested in this position, please contact us
  • Pro Bono Attorney - The INGP is looking for an attorney who would be willing to provide guidance to ensure the party practices are in accordiance with the law. If you are interested or know someone who maybe, please contact us.


To apply for membership to the INGP, fill out this form. Mail the completed form along with your membership dues to the Treasurer of the INGP, Gregory Ellcessor at 13936 W. Main Street, Daleville, Indiana 47334. 

The ability to apply and pay for membership electronically will be available in the near future via the INGP’s website.


All local chapters and caucuses will each have their own webpage on the INGP’s website. Leaders of these groups shall submit the content to be published on the website.

In addition to having a designated webpage, each chapter & caucus is encouraged to have a Facebook group, Facebook page, and a Twitter account.

Newsletter Submissions

To submit a piece for publication in this newsletter, forward said piece to the INGP’s Communications Director.

The following Ten Key Values shall be embodied in the organization & actions of the INGP, & shall guide all actions of the Party at all times:

*Ecological Wisdom *Grassroots Democracy *Social Justice *Nonviolence *Decentralization *Community-based Economics *Feminism *Respect for Diversity *Personal and Global Responsibility *Future Focus/Sustainability 

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