Another Letter from the Indiana Ballot Access Liaison

Indiana Green Party

Hello IN Greens!

With the upcoming INGP candidate announcement ahead, I'm sending out this note of encouragement to all of our Ballot Access Petition Drive volunteers:

First, I'll declare an "unofficial/official kickoff" for our INGP Ballot Access Drive to begin Wednesday, January 10, 2018! This coincides with the first day that we are permitted to turn in completed petition forms for minor party ballot access.


A member of each GP local group should be assigned the task of tallying the number of signatures from all completed petition forms prior to the forms being mailed to me near the end of each month. This tally should be extended until the end of our signature quest, to keep track of where we stand.

I would like for the person keeping the tally in each local group to mail all completed CAN-19 forms to my home address (below) on the last Wednesday of each month through June 27, 2018! Obviously any incomplete form with signatures on it will need to be signed by "the preparer" (all complete forms need to be signed by "the preparer" as well) and turned in on June 27. The total of our efforts: 30,000+ signatures, will be taken to SoS/Election Division by me, before 12:00 noon on Monday July 2, 2018.

Philip Sanders
5945 Beechwood Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46219-8105

Other Issues of Importance:

  1. The Petition Forms must be filled out precisely as directed to signors. Truly Important!
  2. When I receive the information on possible "expense funds" for Ballot Access, from USGP Ballot Access Committee, I will post to the INGP website.
  3. An important suggestion to everyone is to create a calendar of all local events where it would be advisable to have a Green Party member attend, be visible, and gather Petition signatures. Watch for events in the news, in social media, and on the INGP website.
  4. I, and Michael Richardson (Documentarian for INGP), will also be the INGP "Volunteer Coordinators" and receive some training by Amanda Shepherd of INGP and HEC. More to come soon on this development!
  5. Fact/concern: Many people whom we approach for signatures will not be as cooperative as we would like! I've confronted this issue already. We have to be persuasive and convincing of the necessity of the Green Party on the ballot in Indiana and the opportunity to expand our options beyond the "two-party narrative" we've been taught.
  6. Good News! Proposed Indiana Senate Bill 328 has the potential to reduce the number of signatures needed for ballot access by a minor party by 3/4'ths! While a great possibility for reforming Ballot Access in our state, it will more than likely not help us currently considering Indiana's legislative process. More on this later!
  7. One more general note of places to seek signatures:
    1. College Campuses: When seeking signatures there, ask if they are "registered voters in Indiana", and what county they are registered in, so that a new county form can be signed by students who are not local!
    2. If a person is 18 years of age by Election Day, November 6, 2018, have them fill out a VRG-7 Voter Registration form and sign the petition form! They'll be good to go!
    3. Speaking of VRG-7 forms, they need to be submitted to your county voter registration office, (listed on the back of the form), within 10 days of being received!
    4. And finally, keep these places/events in mind: Church Services, Downtowns, Shopping areas, Door to door, Communities of color and diversity!

Let's go get 'em,

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