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A letter from our Secretary of State candidate, George Wolfe:

Have you heard the news? A federal court in North Carolina just ruled that the district lines in that state were gerrymandered and have to be redrawn!

This is George Wolfe, your Green Party candidate for Indiana Secretary of State. Gerrymandering is illegal and a hot topic now around the country. The past injustice of drawing districts to favor one particular party is being exposed.

Only a Secretary of State from outside the two major parties can fully expose and end this corrupt practice in the state of Indiana.

I call upon all of you to start petitioning Indiana registered voters to get my name on the ballot for next fall's November mid-term election.

It's easy because people are energized and motivated to revitalize and re-energize our democracy! I already have over 50 signatures, and multiple people have volunteered to help me acquire a lot more.

If we get 1000 Green Party members to get 40 signatures, we'll have 40,000 signatures, which is easily enough to get me on the ballot and make the Green Party a force to contend with during this campaign season.

I look forward to you sharing your success with me. Please see my website to volunteer and for information on my six-point plan.

George -
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