To get sensible gun laws passed, we must elect politicians who refuse NRA money. Green Party Candidates cannot be purchased!

George Wolfe - Not For Sale

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Greetings to all,

I am immensely proud of the students in Parkland, Florida, survivors of the horrific massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who, despite the tremendous weight of their grief, have made a nine-hour bus trip to Tallassee to confront lawmakers and Governor Rick Scott about Florida's lax gun laws. These students demonstrate the power of grass roots activism. But with all their passionate voices and impressive courage, I fear the only way to get sensible gun laws passed is to elect politicians who, like Green Party candidates, refuse to take money from the NRA and other big-money donors.

★ Special interests & billionaires cannot buy Green Party Candidates ★

We have no political debts to pay. We can vote our conscious, not our campaign bank accounts. The Green Party is as much a moral movement as it is a political party, a movement that brings a new consciousness to American politics.

George Wolfe
Your candidate for Indiana Secretary of State -

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In this instructional video, Julie Edwards & Phil Sanders tell you everything you need to know to start collecting signatures. 

Video - Learn To Petition for George

Note- the state requires all signatures be on paper. You *can* sign and mail-in the paper form yourself (and encourage your friends/family to do the same). Just print the 2-sided petition form, fill out the front-side as described in the video, then mail it to your voter registration office listed here.

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