Recently I was asked about my position on the legalization of marijuana in the state of Indiana. I am in favor of legislation that legalizes cannabis.

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George Wolfe

Recently I was asked about my position on the legalization of marijuana in the state of Indiana. Let me say foremost that I am in favor of legislation that legalizes cannabis. Currently 29 states and the District of Columbia have laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form. The benefits have shown time and again to far outweigh any negative impacts of legalization.

However, living in the historically conservative state of Indiana, I also believe that we should approach the matter one step at a time. While I support the sweeping reform that the Green Party Platform calls for, I also believe that the opioid crisis is a public health issue of much-greater urgency and it will keep politicians from reforming cannabis laws here at home. That's why my 16-point plan specifically includes what I consider to be a realistic first-step forward; that is, the legalization of medical marijuana.

The legalization of recreational marijuana will need to protect the rights of those people who do not want to be exposed to it, much like we have laws protecting people against exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke.

George Wolfe -

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