As Secretary of State, George Wolfe would argue in support of cannabis legalization. Thank you for helping to reclaim and re-energize our democracy in Indiana.

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A follow-up from your candidate for Secretary of State
on Marijuana Legislation

George Wolfe

For those of you who may question my commitment when it comes to supporting cannabis legalization, this past weekend I had a music performance in Colorado. While in Denver, I took time to visit a marijuana dispensary. After being carded at the door, I was able to ask many questions to the person who assisted me, and I gained useful knowledge about cannabis products and the industry, information that will be helpful in building a case for legalizing marijuana in the state of Indiana.

I personally do not take marijuana products because stimulants interfere with a daily meditation practice I am devoted to. However, as Secretary of State, I would argue in support of marijuana legalization. Furthermore, the business division within the office of Indiana Secretary of State would provide me with the opportunity to push legalization for the sake of developing business opportunities and subsequently increasing community and state tax revenue.

Thank you for helping to reclaim and re-energize our democracy in Indiana.

If you're interested in further information on meditation, see my articles published in:

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