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Press Release – May 31, 2020

May 31, 2020

Indiana Green Party’s Statement on George Floyd’s Murder & Ongoing Protests

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Indiana Green Party is outraged by the murder of George Floyd. We all heard George Floyd say he could not breathe. We all heard the pleas from bystanders to halt the execution of George Floyd. We all watched George Floyd lose his life as a person who is supposed to protect him kneeled on his neck until he died. With sicking sadness and outrage at the brutal and mindless murder of yet another black American at the hands of the very people we pay to serve and protect the public, the Indiana Green Party condemns the ongoing police brutality and stands in solidarity with protesters across the country.

Anger and the frustration of not being heard or respected have sparked protests across this nation and even into our own state of Indiana. The feelings of despair have merit, and we note the recent murder of George Floyd is part of a larger, systemic problem stemming from the legacy of slavery and the ongoing devaluing of Black and Brown people and communities. 

The Indiana Green Party believes that a deep and broad embrace of nonviolence is the only effective way to stop the cycles of violence. Only through solidarity can we breach what divides us and together forge a better future. Peace is only achievable through a willingness to resolve conflict in a civilized manner. We have every right to protest, and we should. But we should protest peacefully. Violence is not found on the path to peace. As Gandhi said “Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of humanity”.

We must break the cycle of violence and use alternative methods to achieve peace. We must remember that language is the purest weapon in the hand of freedom. We must use our voices and unite to bring forth change. To those who are protesting, do so with peace, empathy, and love. Since some of these protests have turned violent, those going should not bring their children. Go with friends and family, and don’t get separated. Beware of people inciting violence as well as undercover officers within the crowds.  

Furthermore, the Indiana Green Party favors strong measures to combat racism in the form of police brutality directed against people of color. We support civilian review boards with subpoena power to investigate complaints relating to police behavior. We support the creation of public forums to air concerns on policy matters and to ensure public oversight and accountability of local police departments. And finally, we support the restriction of deadly restraining techniques like kneeling on the necks of Black and Brown individuals. 
Pluto Brand, ChairTeri Ulm, Assistant ChairIndiana Green PartyGreenPartyIN.com

The Green Party strives to live by the values of the Green movement. Everything the Party does is based on the four pillars: Democracy, Ecology, Nonviolence, and Social Justice.

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