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Put Your Green Values on Your Ballot

Paint the Ballot Green

The Indiana Green Party is a political party focused on identifying, training and resourcing local environmental, justice and peace advocates for elected office. From local boards and commissions to city, county and state executives we strive to place Green valued candidates into the thousands of elected and appointed positions across Indiana. The Indiana Green Party can help local candidates migrate through the various elections and campaign finance laws of Indiana. Our experienced candidates can also offer some insights into preparing and running your campaign.

While the Indiana Green Party does not have the same ballot access that the corporate interest and establishment parties in our state we work hard in the grassroots of Indiana for our candidates to have the opportunity to represtent. In 2022 the Indiana Green Party filed a lawsuit in the US Distirct Court of Southern Indiana against the excessive requirements for Green candidates to get on Indiana ballots. Currently ballot access laws in Indiana require our candidates to secure a percentage of signatures of registered voters within the boundaries of the office sought.

Our civic engagement means we need Greens to lean-forward with a passion to serve our local communities and this great, beautiful state of Indiana. Our passion is creating a better Indiana by adding Green voices to municipal councils, town boards and local commissions. Consider exploring with us the opportunities to add your voice to those creating a healthier, more sustainable community in your area through running for public office.

Local Opportunities for Greens Like You

Your local county or regional Green Party group is a great place to discover more information about elected and appointed political offices in your area. If you have not connected with them check out our Indiana Green Party Locals page to see if there is one in your area. For areas of the state where there is not an active local Green organization contact our state party to get find out more how Indiana Greens can work with you as we paint ballots across Indiana Green

Indiana needs You to Run as A Green

Consider being part of our political movement to put socially consciousness and environmentally aware people in a place where we can make the greatest effort for Indiana. Our local, grassroots effort means that we rely on Greens like you to not only be our eyes and ears for justice but also shaper of local public policy, conservation and community development. Share with the Indiana Green Party how you want to be a force in your area and discover how we can work with you to add your name to the ballot in November. Then let us run a successful campaign to move your district from the ineffective donkey and elephant with the power of our Green movement.

Indiana Green Party Endorsements

The Indiana Green Party has a process outlined for candidates seeking to be endorsed by the state organization. The Indiana Green Party Candidate Committee reviews requests and guides candidates through that process. Contact the Indiana Green Party to begin the discussions between the Indiana Green Party and your campaign.

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