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Sarah Dillon

May be an image of 1 personHere’s hoping everything is going well with my fellow Greens. Am running for re-election for one of 3 spots as Green Party of the United State National Committee delegate and/or alternate for the Indiana Green Party, where I’ve recently been serving since 2019.


A little bit about myself. My name is Sarah Dillon. I reside in Terre Haute, IN. Was born in East Chicago, IN in 1974; and lived over the years in Whiting, IN and Waterville, OH before permanently moving to Terre Haute in 1981. I graduated from Terre Haute South Vigo High School in 1993 and from Indiana State University in 1998 [with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science]. Further details about me can be found at https://dillon2thcc.wordpress.com/about/ 


I’ve been a long time Green Party member [voted for Ralph Nader in 2000; officially became a Green in 2005].


Stuff that I’ve recently done on the National Committee include:

  1. Was the Indiana reporter at the 2020 GPUS Presidential Convention
  2. Worked closely with the Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker campaign members in 2020, especially in cases of ballot access;
  3. Am on GPUS’ Fundraising Committee [FunCom], and – as the lead fundraiser in Indiana – raising money for INGP’s lawsuit;
  4. Of course, deal with controversial items in front of the NC, including the disaffiliation of the GP of Georgia and the national party’s platform [set to be revised this year]; and
  5. Worked as a liaison between the Indiana Green Party and various leaders Green Party of the United States, including those on the Ballot Access Committee.
  6. Finally, have worked with a diverse group of people that we may occasionally disagree with, but are working to make towards making the Green Party successful in the long term.


If I was re-elected, some of the things I would work on:

  1. Willing to help revise their strategic plan [that hasn’t been updated since 2013!!], for various reasons
  2. Still work with Fundraising and other committees on helping to get assistance for the Secretary of State’s candidacy, other opportunities, and – similar to what the INGP FunCom has done – work on a fundraising strategic plan.


I hope you would consider me a valuable choice. I wish all my opponents well at Saturday’s Congress. A few details:

  1. Registration, bylaws revisions, and officers up for election at the Congress = https://greenpartyin.com/2022-elections-nominations/ 
  2. Anyone can attend, but only INGP members can participate and vote. To register = https://greenpartyin.com/2022-ingp-annual-congress/#page-content 
  3. Or if you want to donate to our party = https://www.greenpartyin.com/donate-1.html 

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