Cassiday Moriarity

Indiana Green Party Assistant Chair, 2021-2022

Cassiday Moriarity, Candidate for INGP Assistant Chair

I joined the Green Party in June of 2020, transitioning after the failure of any candidate to represent any progressive policies at the local, state, or national level. I recently graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs.

In the past year alone, I have stepped up at the local level, state level, and now national level. I am the acting Communications Director for the Indiana Green Party. I have an abundance of including but not limited to: Chair of the Young Ecosocialist Caucus of the Green Party & Chair of Green Pages, a green news publishing committee. 

I have also worked on even more committees and caucuses:

-fundraising committee for INGP & Nationals
-women’s caucus
-lavender caucus for INGP & Nationals
-disability caucus for INGP

Professionally, I act as a people manager and I thrive in an environment where the work is never ending.

I have worked with formerly incarcerated youth, youth in foster care, youth with severe medical/behavioral problems from abuse, currently incarcerated individuals. Tho has helped shape my approach to problems, and influenced my views on society. I’m a strong advocate for the underdog, and I hope you and I can connect and work on making Indiana Green!

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