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The Indiana Green Party is a co-federation of politically focused environmentalists, justice activists and peace advocates. We are neither a non-profit nor a conservation club. We are a recognized political party in Indiana disrupting the ineffective status-quo with our progressive and civic-minded Green values-based agenda. Our focus is on civic action at the local level throughout the Hoosier state. Our goal is to bring Greens to the policy-making tables of elected and appointed office where we can make the most effective change for the protection of our environment and for the health of our communities.

The Indiana Green Party has four (4) voting delegates to the Green Party US 2024 Presidential Nominating Convention. The allocation of those delegates for our state were determined by an online ranked choice vote that took place from Friday, May 24, 2024 to Thursday, May 30, 2024. All Indiana residents who are registered with the Indiana Green Party by Friday, May 10, 2024 were eligible to receive a voting link via email. The election results can be viewed in more detail at our 2024 Primary page.

The winner was Dr. Jill Stein, with 94% of the vote at the second round. The Indiana Green Party is proud to stand behind our candidate, and now presumptive nominee of the Green Party of the United States. Congratulations, Jill!


INGP Party Chair Pluto Brand’s Statement on Israel War

As a Jewish person and the State Chair of the Indiana Green Party, I firmly condemn the acts of genocide and apartheid perpetrated by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people. These actions are not only morally reprehensible but also constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity under Article 7 of the Rome Statute.

Please follow link to read the full statement.

2024 Signature Drive

2024 Signature Drives

The Indiana Green Party is working with some exciting US Presidential campaigns to get the required number of signatures to be on the 2024 ballot. Check out our dedicated page 2024 Nominations Signature Drive for more information including instructions and campaign specific forms.

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Hoosier-centered political action built on our Green Values

Our Indiana Green movement spans the entire state from the Great Lake to the Ohio River. As a co-federation of local Greens we are united in the grassroots by the four-pillars of the Green Party. From our movements first passion around our environmentalism to embracing the progressive values of peace, human rights democracy, our movement is focused on the values we share. We are Hoosiers and we believe that lives, communities and our environment can be improved by our direct, political action. Discover the four-pillars of Green movement and join us in our efforts to improve our lands, waters, peoples and communities.

Ecological Wisdom and Eco-Action

“I urge all of our citizens to act responsibly to alleviate the pollution menace to the environment…
Our educational institutions have the expertise and capability both to inform us of present dangers resulting from the ways we use our natural resources and to define and develop new technologies and systems needed to abate the pollution problem”

Indiana Governor Edgar Whitcomb, 1970 Executive Order
endorsing Earth Day activities in Indiana

From the dunes of the Great Lake to the conflux of the Wabash River our state of Indiana encompasses a huge and diverse natural ecology. The Indiana Green Party recognizes the importance that our Hoosier lands have been from the days of the frontier through the industrial age while understanding that the future longevity, productivity and enjoyment means that we transition our stewardship with a keener focus on conservation and restoration. We are a collaborative Hoosier effort uniting scientists, engineers, health professionals, artists, advocates, students from all our professions to sustain and repair our green and blue and only planet.

Nonviolence and Peace Work

“…that in this time of world-wide disturbance and of national concern, they assert their belief in international principles of justice of justice and humanity and that they give expression to their opposition to militaristic legislation in our own country … and to the introduction of militaristic ideals into American education.
Jane Addams, Chair of the National Woman’s Peace Party to the Farmer’s National Congress in Convention assembled at Indianapolis, Indiana, on 19th of October, 1916

Indiana has a long history of grassroots peace action. Our peace-focused history echos from the words scribed in our state poem, “Indiana is the garden where the seeds of peace have grow”. The Indiana Green Party proudly tends those seeds of peace planted and nurtured in the soils of Indiana by our great poets, farmers, and suffragettes. We tend those seeds today to counter the modern militarism in our local communities that undermine human rights, assaults our public education system and taints with distrust our systems of democracy.

Social Justice and Human Rights

“The law can’t make you love me, but it can keep you from lynching me. Laws can’t change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless. Morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated.”
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr,
speech in South Bend, Indiana, October 18, 1963

As Hoosiers we take pride in our values of social equality, justice and responsibility. From our state’s abolitionist roots the Indiana Green Party continues our tradition of bringing into our political dialogue the plight of the poor, marginalized and struggling among us. We pledge to encounter systemic and emerging racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, exploitation, fascism and intolerance in whatever form it takes with Hoosier determination and Hoosier perseverance.

Democracy and Civic Engagement

That all power is inherent in the people; and all free Governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness. For the advancement of these ends, they have at all times an unalienable and indefeasible right to alter or reform their Government in such manner as they may think proper.
Indiana Constitution of 1816

Your Indiana Green Party is working to change the political makeup of our city, county and state leadership by bring Green Party candidates to your ballot. Our civic engagement stretches beyond the ballot box as Greens stand before city councils to advocate through public comment and as Greens bring our values door to door.

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‍The Indiana Green Party is a registered political party with the state of Indiana. Contributions are subject to Indiana’s campaign finance regulations and reporting requirements. They are also not tax-deductible.

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